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 Holy Deadlies © Sean O'Connell 


The Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia, NSW (JMGA-NSW Inc.) is a membership based organisation, representing jewellery and object practitioners throughout New South Wales. As a volunteer non-profit organisation we provide a forum to promote, support and develop the field of contemporary jewellery.

JMGA-NSW is part of a loose affiliation of state jewellery and metalsmiths groups (JMGV, JMGQ, JMGA WA, etc) collectively known as JMGA. JMGA is the national forum for the biennial conferences.

The primary aims of the organisation are to:

  • promote the crafts of jewellery and metalsmithing in Australia;

  • act as a vehicle by which jewellers and metalsmiths can communicate with each other, and those interested in this area;

  • support the advancement of craft in Australia;

  • maintain an exchange of information with similar groups in Australia and overseas;

  • publish newsletters and/or magazines which will be of benefit and promote members and membership;

  • generate funds, for the advancement of the crafts of jewellery and metalsmithing in Australia;

  • become a lobbying force in such areas as legislation affecting jewellers and metalsmiths and exhibitions;

  • consolidate the craft of jewellery and metalwork in Australia as an art form.

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