workshop 2:

with Rian de Jong

  • where: Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle
  • when: 21 to 25 January 2006, five days (pre-conference)
  • cost: $525 students $450

How does a designer go from one level to another? As designers we transport thoughts, formulate concepts and transform these into materials and three dimensional forms.

But in between there is something mysterious. How is it possible that something immaterial as a thought can appear in a three dimensional form? How aware are we of this process and is it necessary?

Rian de Jong is from the Netherlands and is presenting an exhibition at Object during the conference. As well as being invited as guest teacher in many colleges across Europe, Rian taught at the Art Academy in Utrecht. Her work incorporates natural and found materials as well as, more recently, porcelain. Much of her jewellery and objects have developed while travelling. Rian’s work carries a gentle and poetic impression.

For further information about Rian and her work visit

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