workshop 3:

Where does sculpture end and adornment begin?
with Caroline Gore

  • where: Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle
  • when: 30 to 31 January, two days (post-conference)
  • cost: $300 - students $250

Planning and making with internal and external environments/site influences ... Is there a difference between sculpture and sculpture for the body and, if so, can it be defined? Just as the landscape is seen as a site, can the body itself be interpreted similarly? Can the wearable art object/s and the surrounding space become integrated into a more complete experience – either static or transient in implementation? Is it possible for work in our field to be temporary and still have an impact?

We will investigate these questions and search for individual answers through responding to our environments throughout the conference time, weaving a narrative through the act of observing and making.

With the use of digital or analogue cameras, drawings and collections, workshop participants will document their experiences in Sydney.

On the first day of the workshop we will sort through the visuals and address how to respond to the content and spaces. Following this discussion we will then create in response to our materials. During the making process there will be time for one-on-one dialogue, and discussion with the group on the progress of works.

Outcomes of this workshop could be jewellery scale or much larger in implementation. The reactions and interpretations to sites can stem from internal or external influences. In other words, structurally or emotionally based on the makers own experience of being ‘on location’ in Sydney.

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