Rian de Jong

(The Netherlands)

Photograph of Rian de Jong

Rian de Jong

I graduated in 1985 after being busy with other occupations before going to the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam in 1979.

In the same year I left Holland by sailing boat to go to Turkey. In the season we had charter guests on board and sailed around in Turkey and Greece and had a wonderful time. In the winter I worked at all the impressions I got from the beautiful nature and culture I experienced.

In this way I started up my career and with fresh energy and prickling fingers I was ready to make a lot of things - jewellery and small objects, as well as teaching at the Art Academy in Utrecht.

Image of Rian de Jong's Still.

Rian de Jong, 'Still'

My jewellery reflects what I see in my surroundings ...

Rian de Jong

My jewellery reflects what I see in my surroundings. My quest is for the nature and meaning of both form and material, a tension between surface and material, and the juxtaposition of different materials. The end product of this process is a collection of work.

Image of Rian de Jong's work.

Rian de Jong 'reisgenoten'

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