Louise Hamby


Photograph of Louise Hamby.

Louise Hamby

Louise Hamby is an ARC Postdoctoral Fellow Industry working with Museum Victoria on the project Anthropological and Aboriginal perspectives on the Donald Thomson Collection: material culture, collecting and identity. She took up this position at the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at ANU in 2003.

Her PhD in Anthropology from the ANU Containers of Power was an ethnographic study of fibre container forms from northeastern Arnhem Land. It investigated a complex set of relationships between the forms, mainly baskets, bags and mats, their makers and users, their functions, their morphology, their manufacture and history. The theoretical approach taken was one in which objects, the fibre ones, have cultural biographies.She also holds a MFA in Fabric Design from the University of Georgia.

Louise has a strong interest in historic and contemporary material culture from Arnhem Land. Her involvement with eastern Arnhem Land women lead to the development of the exhibition that she co-curated with Diana Young, Art on a String: Aboriginal Threaded Objects from the Central Desert and Arnhem Land. Her involvement in curation, research and writing about western Arnhem Land fibre resulted in the exhibition and book called Twined Together: Kunmadj Njalehnjaleken. Her most recent work has been as one of the curators and writers for the exhibition Woven Forms: Contemporary basket making in Australia.

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