about the conference

on Location: making stories:
jewellers & metalsmiths group of australia
biennial conference - 2006

In the process of making it is not always immediately evident what we are trying to do. How do we make sense of that process? Do we talk about it, describe our work, write about our ideas and research? Where does our work go? What are the discourses that our practices open up?

Making is not just about producing objects; it assumes there is an audience for what we do: collectors, writers, critics; that is, other bodies that carry our work beyond our studios.

on Location: making stories is a broad theme about the place of jewellery and metalwork in our culture. It addresses different points along the journey of an object from the maker's imagination to its inception and its placement in the cultural community - through the eyes and words of the various people that make its life possible.

Image of Ruudt Peters' LAPIS Viriditas.

Ruudt Peters LAPIS Viriditas - 1997
silver, malachite, eilatite


sighting ...

looking, seeing, collecting

citing ...

writing, describing, talking

siting ...

positioning, planning, detouring

The 2006 JMGA conference aims to take makers, collectors, critics and thinkers out of the comfort zone of their normal environments and places them 'on location'; a hypothetical site where speculation, inspiration and the accidental can emerge and diverge, questioning the place of the production of meaning.

on Location: making stories will take place in Sydney, Australia from 27 to 29 January 2006 and is being hosted by JMGA-NSW Inc. The Conference Convenor is Karin Findeis.


Confirmed participants for on Location: making stories include:


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principal exhibitions:

  • CHANGE, Ruudt Peters
  • Luminaries: New Work by six Australiasian jewellers, curated by Rhana Devenport
  • Graduate Metal X, work by recent graduates
  • Still, Rian de Jong (The Netherlands)
  • Japanese Jewellers x 5, curated by Louise Mitchell
  • Sighting the Past An exhibition of contemporary jewellery made in response to the University of Sydney Macleay Museum collections

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