Alexander Cooke

 Corsage No.2 ‘Swedish Chef’


Sterling Silver, 22ct gold, 19.2ct gold, 18ct gold, 950 Palladium (non magnetic formula), Shakudo, Stainless steel, Citrine, Her gold fob chain, Hallmarked Swedish butter knife blade, Flower of her choice and brass screw.

120x 120 x 80mm.  2011.



Fundamental Rocket BTTF Skate Deck.

ABC JLD Dairy Whipped Love Swing.

Atmospheric Fonda with wallflower Kermit.

Big Sun (nuts and bolts!)

Death Star- 28 RUDIMENTS.

Special Guest ~ Rene Magritte ~


A short insight and in-depth investigation into Organics and Kinetics and about 30 years of Knowledge of such a thing called a sense of humour.

The Elemental forces that govern the Kinetic aspect of this piece are; the spring moves the ring up and down, the pond spins and shakes side to side pivoted on a small pin, the love swing is all ready twisted being full of energy and sways as worn, the little moon can spin with human intervention, the skate deck contains all but makes a inaudible hum and last but not least the smoking tail pipe is twisted to accept a flower chosen to match her outfit completely. The looseness of this corsage allows the elements together play a tune, like ‘aching cling’ safe to say that is to the beat in her head.

As an artist I find that such Beauty of nature is not one that is accepted as of pure aesthetics, then such my object wishes to highlight this as defects in nature are the way, which human selection and evolution find. I intentionally sought in the making of this piece that I would let the object grow, and have changed many such ideas that I had at the beginning and during its articulation. I on deliberation endorsed such a method that would leave slight imperfections; just as nature is perfect the aspect of time has given the piece its weather. 


 Big shout out to my favourite Muppet, the one and only Swedish Chef.

 Best Grip, lighting, direction and Production; alexander cooke © 2011.